3 Common Rookie Mistakes To Ruin Your Live Concert

Great concerts can live on in our heart and soul for decades to come. Before you will ever start with your long-awaited dream concert, there are many ways to tank it up. If you really want to look like a pro and have a great show, here are the three common rookie mistakes to ruin your live concert.

1.     Terrible Opening Acts and Showing Up Late

Having terrible or too many opening acts can ruin your live concert. Nobody wants to just sit and wait for your music and then listen to crappy acts. These bad openers, or too many of them, are killing the vibe. Showing up late in shows is a sure way to lose your fans since they don’t like always waiting around for the music to begin.

This situation is not allowed in the internet marketing company called Proximacy. They are based in Singapore and don’t offer a lot of crappy online marketing services customized for their individual customers’ need.  They right away know how to make it work for your business. They are always on the dot and punctual. They know you have lives to live, mouths to feed, and jobs to work on.

2.     No Sound Check

Doing sound checks is also very important for getting the sound right before your live concert. One shouldn’t blame the sound man if you are the one who is too lazy to show off the sound check number. Proximacy has a dedicated team of quality assurance to always check whether jobs are done with high quality before the website is shown to the customer. They always get to the workplace on time and dial it all in.

3.     Too Many People on the Guest List

You must not have too many people on the guest list. When your friends truly support you and your music, they will surely pay the cover. Loading the guest list up with dozens of names will not truly help you. Always make sure that you have something new and interesting to happen in your live concert.

When Proximacy has an entourage of employees, they always put in their time to put some of those people to work hard to gain more clients. They extend their services to sell, quality SEO results to ensure, and tons of websites that need building. They have a proven track record with their existing clients, who have been with them for many years.


There are a lot of music artists that do not understand the logic. There are some very basic rules that come along with creating a successful live concert. So, don’t do those common rookie mistakes mentioned above. Let your next concert be that much better for their absence.

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How To Spend $100 On Marketing Your Music

It’s normal to put money into your band since you need to invest in it that helps pay the bills. You have already put money into their equipment and sound. You must also set aside money for marketing your work. If you don’t have any idea where to start, here is how to spend $100 a month on marketing your music.

1.     Facebook Advertising

An important facet of marketing is Facebook advertising. You need to know the way its current algorithm works. The posts that are not engaged with will not appear on your fans’ timelines. They get zero interactions even if you already have 15K fans following you. Most of your fans will not even see those posts. This is a little bit Facebook’s way of forcing brands to pay up to reach.

This is what Estil Furnishing is also doing. It is the best maker and top supplier of blinds in Singapore. So, they must promote their whole page for $5 to $10 a day for five days to ensure their drilling down their entire clients and customers. They target their clients’ interest such as stylish curtains, high-quality imported materials, affordable crafted blinds, and other soft furnishings.  They make it certain that important details are seen in their page information with a YouTube clip posted on their Facebook page.

2.     Google AdWords For Video

Another great way that you can invest a chunk of your marketing budget is using Google AdWords. You can create sponsored video ads on YouTube to direct people to follow your video, channel, or main website. It is super easy and efficient to walk through if you’re creating an ad. You can easily use it and customize it as well.

Estil Furnishing highly recommends PPC (pay-per-click) with a total of $5 to $10 for five days. You don’t have to worry much since you will only be charged when your ad is clicked. A huge benefit is you’re also given the chance to choose the amount you want to spend, that is, your $5 budget. You get easier to achieve up to 1,000 impressions daily.

3.     Website, Social Media, or EPK Cleanup

You can spend your remaining budget on a nice graphics set for your upcoming show. You can also hire a strategist to do rework on some of your bio or copy on your website. Estil Furnishing did this also to their website, social media, and/or EPK cleanup to see to it that the post or video about their high-quality blinds and curtains is in good wording and high quality.


This is a daunting task since no one wants to gamble on marketing when the outcome is unsure. There are labels and wealthier artists who dump thousands into their marketing. However, this is actually not only easier than you think but also cheaper. You can get the most bang for your buck and split up that cash if you want to. You just make sure that whatever you’re putting out there is clean and fresh since lots of people are going to see it.

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How Effective Radio Promotion Can Save Your Music

Every musician asks how to reach music curators to make their music becoming a part of what they do. To do this, you must learn how to promote your music to radio, get insights into what types of radio function best for your music, and allow your song be played on the radio. These are how effective radio promotion can do to save your music.

1.     Why Radio Still Matters

A human connection between your music and an engaged audience is the main reason why radio still matters now. Just like what the Korean-based clinic named Misooda did, they ensure that their products are connecting to their target audience who wants to do plastic surgery procedures such as liposuction in Korea. Most people still discover new clinics that provide those products and procedures. This is a big reason why Misooda’s special discount programs offered to their clients continue to grow year after year.

2.     What Type of Radio Should You Start With?

The best radio platforms for DIY (do-it-yourself), unsigned, and indie musicians are online or web, non-commercial or community, and college or university. These types of radio should they start with to get their music played, build their audience, and reach out new fans. These connect with new artists and showcase your work to their engaged and ever supportive audience.

Similar to Misooda, they always consider the clients very important to their business success since they have already invested their money, time, and life in doing plastic surgery procedures. They make certain that they listen to pay closer attention to their products and services that the clients want and like.

3.     What Regions Do You Need To Be Touring?

It is not a necessity to tie yourself in your radio promotion to a music tour. Some artists got their first taste of radio play in places of the country they had never been to before. Others would get their first series of stations in neighboring countries before the stations in the United States.

The benefits for both of these types of artists are also the same as what Misooda has been experiencing. Korean-based plastic surgery clinic gained new clients who are willing to perform liposuction in Korea. Clients are actively reaching out and engaging with their clinic because they heard the amazing services on the radio. They spent a little time listening to the station or programs offered before they contact Misooda.


A good place to start is the listing of radio stations and media contacts for musicians. You apply the human connection principle, which is the process of making the relationship. This builds your purpose when it comes to getting your music be heard on a radio platform making an effective promotion.

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Little-Known Ways Musicians Can Make Money

Generating an income is one of the biggest tests musicians are facing. Music sales and touring are not any more reliable to earn a living. The traditional and more modern income streams are mixed to help today’s musicians generate revenue for their music career. Here are the little-known ways musicians can make money.

1.     CD, Vinyl, and Digital Sales

If you will be playing live shows, having CDs on hand is a great takeaway souvenir for your fans. Each band members can easily sign on it. Printing a few batch of vinyl placed at your merch table generates an extra income. To make the most money, you can sell digital music through your own website besides online retailers, who take a percentage of sales.

2.     Streaming and Live Shows

The streaming services let your new fans discover your music but not solely your income generator since the per-stream payouts tend to be small even if they accumulate over time. One of the best ways to earn income for musicians is money made from live shows. You can make money from selling tickets and merch.

3.     Physical and Digital Merch

Income from physical merch like t-shirts, buttons, and stickers depends tremendously on a number of live shows you and your band play. You just make sure that you bought them when there’s a band tour. Digital merch items such as videos, PDFs, exclusive photos, lyric books, sheet music, artworks, and live concerts can be sold to your fans as well through your website.

4.     Crowdfunding and Sponsorships

A crowdfunding campaign that is skillfully carried out can also raise enough money to counteract the cost of your album production and marketing process. There are some companies that are very much willing to sponsor those musicians you have a fan base to get connected to those fans. These sponsorships range from cash to freebies, as well as free services and gear.

5.     Royalties

You can collect publishing royalties on your music including the mechanical royalties like in streaming, the sync royalties like in commercials, and the public performance royalties like in radios, live venues, and TV. You can also collect digital royalties from services such as webcasters, Pandora, and SiriusXM radio. PROs (Performance Rights Organizations) will pay the musicians with royalties from those live performances when they perform an original material at a bar, club, or any music venue.

6.     Licensing, Songwriting, and Composing

The licensing fees from your song placed in the TV show, commercial, or film vary greatly. They depend on the budget for that project and how severely they want your song. Being a songwriter has an advantage too since you can write some songs for other music artists. You can also compose music for a specific film and television.


Many musicians give music lessons to others using their instrument of expertise. It allows them to hone their craft and generate their income at the same time. Some would shamelessly play cover gigs at parties or any private or corporate event. There are many little-known ways to help develop your monetization strategy, and attitude and perseverance are all needed to your music career.

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5 Foolproof Tips Before Getting Into Music Investment Agreement

Beginners in the music industry have queries on how to structure a relationship between the musician and the investor. You must have a music investment agreement that provides the details between the investor paying money and you as a musician receiving the funds. So, here are the foolproof tips before getting into such music investment agreement.

1.     The Investment

Some musicians raise money to record and promote their latest album to online platforms such as Kickstarter to obtain financial assistance from fans, family, and friends. Others get lucky enough to have a wealthy pal who is investing in your music. Most investments are made in the next album, and the investor is likely rewarded specifically from the music album. You just make sure that you are on the same page with the investor. The payment owed to the investor is much more far-reaching if they invest on the artist broadly.

2.     The Masters and Decision-Making

The musicians preferably want to take control as much as possible while covering financial obligations to the investor. You need to check as to what extent you must consult with each other in terms of business and creative decisions regarding the music album.

3.     Roles and Responsibilities

There should be clarity in the music investment agreement about each person’s role. You might be expected to do certain tasks other than doing your music, such as team arrangement or writing and performing songs. It’s advisable to ask your investor first about his expectations and have it incorporated into the agreement consistent with his wishes as long as you have already agreed with those.

4.     Expenses

You make certain that the obligation of the investor to pay for your expenses directly or through you is clearly stated in the music agreement. A budget must be set out from the outset that confirms the investor will full financial support. The cash flow, the time money is paid, production costs, and promotion and distribution expenses must also be stated. Also, the legal expenses for someone when the investor pays for your music album budget must be drafted and reviewed in the agreement.

5.     Timeline

A timeline of upcoming milestones from the creation of your music work to its exploitation should also be included in the agreement. Hopefully, those milestones will be hit once the agreement is signed. The investor must be kept updated, so you send them. Always make certain to follow any private investment rules based on your state or province you’re located.


The relationship with your investor is sort of a marriage close to a musician’s relationship with his band members, label, manager, or agent. You look out for a person whom you trust, shares the same definition of your success, and genuinely willing to take with you on your musical journey. In return, you’ll let him believe that your music will provide him a worthwhile financial return on their music investment.

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Most Popular Ways to Use Hashtags & Search to Grow Your Fanbase

We all know that it is not easy to be always staying on top of their social media, and everybody often makes excuses. You must make the time or plan out your posts in advance like as you put the time to your music and band. No need to worry anymore for here are the most popular ways to use hashtags and Instagram’s search options to grow your fanbase.

1.     Look for People to Talk About Your Music

It is a popular way to look out for people who are talking about your music. When you are doing a live show, you must have a hashtag along with it. This is a good way to let the people add your hashtag if they post photos and videos of your live show. You’ll never know that they are hashtagging also your name. Also, you might come across a hundred or more photos or videos that your fans had posted from your past music shows.

2.     Find People to Talk About Niche Topics

You can find people to talk about your niche topics if you use hashtags. You can find similar music artists, genres, and/or any niche things related to your kind of music. If you put the hashtag of a musical instrument you played in your video, it will appear in that feed. And the audience who loves that instrument will likely superb like your music.

3.     Search Your Event’s Hashtag

It is a cooler way that your event you are playing with has its own unique hashtag. The people will see and recap the collections of what happened at your events. You check and search if there are shows, benefit concerts, festivals, special events, and/or conferences you did that have their own hashtags. If you want, you can create a post with hashtag or hashtag photos or videos on your band’s Instagram account. You will never know that people are most probably posting your photos or your videos of your recent and past performances.

4.     Announce Your Instagram Handle From the Stage

It is a simple way to announce your Instagram handle from the stage because you can tell your audience to tag you on Instagram if they’re taking photos and videos from your set. You will gain a few new Instagram followers. Those people will begin to follow you after mentioning your handle.

5.     Photos With Fans After Shows

Another simple way is to inform your fans who want to come up the stage after your show and ask for your photo. You just remind them to include and tag you on Instagram since they’ll surely post that picture. You can also embed your Instagram feed into your website with many photos.


You must treat your Instagram profile as your vital part of your music career. It is never too late to start now. You give it regular attention and post quality and relevant photos. Don’t forget to communicate with your fans the same way as you do on any other social media platforms. Be proactively connecting with your new audiences.

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How To Set Up Instagram Profile For Your Music

Everybody loves pictures. And when Instagram came on the scene in 2010, many people were very excited. But Facebook and Twitter had no single idea what Instagram was in for. It is not enough to just post a photo and leave a caption. You need to know how to set up your Instagram profile for your music.

1.     Pick a Username for All Platforms

It is not necessary to make things complicated. You can pick a username that is easy and predictable. You make sure that all of your social media names are making sense with each other. You can come up with something more creative with the word “music” but don’t let go of your band’s name. It is not necessary to add numbers, any symbols, or underscores unless required.

2.     Get a Decent Profile Photo

Usually, the profile photos in Instagram are somewhat small. Even if you click on them to see clearly and zoom in, they are still small. So, the best way to get a decent profile photo is to use the one that is easy to see on a standard-size mobile phone. You can also use your band’s logo or group photo but must be clear and easy to see with difficulty.

3.     Leave an Impressionable Biography

If you want to leave a good impression on your biography, you should start writing now. This is not easy to do, but it is very important to make your band and you as a musician look professional to your visitors, who will soon be your fans. You just have to ensure that it is only up to 150 characters, which is almost the same length as a Twitter tweet. It is not obligatory to fill up the whole space either. If you will do this, the bloggers and media will also grab a sense of who you are and what is your music.

4.     Create a Website Link

It is frequently hard to explain what your band is doing or has done through a photo. A social media platform like Instagram limits your capacity to tell your avid followers. They only see the snapshots of your life but won’t get a wide range of ideas in what you just do for a living or who you are as a musician or your band is. So, it is essential to create a website link so that the people will find out more about you and your band. It is also a great way to enhance their appreciation of your recent photo posts in Instagram.


It is already proven now that posts with photos are giving much more feedback. So, create now your dream Instagram profile for your music as your music career moves forward. It will be a stunning experience to promote your music, sell them directly to your fans, and grow your fan base bigger.

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4 Habits That Are Proven To Be A Successful Musician

Many musicians kept on asking themselves what path their careers should they take and whether they can control their own artistic destinies. Although there are no valid scientific methods to take control of your career, possibilities identify the traits common among those who are currently enjoying successful lives in the music industry. So, these are the following 4 habits that are proven to be a successful musician.

1.     Know Thyself

If you want to be a musician, it should start with you. To convince the world that you’re in the music business and you’re willing to stay longer, you should know how to express your love for music and the reason why you must have a life of it. You should also understand how you build up in the music world and what you’ll have to learn. You must be stronger on yourself than others to be ready for anything.

2.     Be an Artist

There are only a few real artists out of many musicians. You must decide what you need to be able to call yourself an artist and go achieve it. You do research and study those great artists and try to be like them because if you put your mind into it, you’ll see yourself and the music world differently.

3.     Keep Learning and Be Friendly

Music artists don’t stop getting knowledge and ideas to enrich their minds making them the most interesting, always changing and always growing persons. You read, listen, observe, and ask as many questions as you can to those interesting people.

Having a large musical family is not that bad, but not all are privileged and came from it. To secure a contact list of your friends, mentors, and coworkers in the music industry is helpful for you to open up more opportunities. You’ll never know that they’ll recommend you or maybe share new ideas that could change your life.

4.     Work on Your Performance

Never be afraid and worried to do a comparison on your performance to your own ideas because you can be relentless in your determination to progress. You can tape yourself using a mobile phone to see any improvements and loopholes. You can also ask for honest opinions from your close friends or to play with the best musicians you may know.


Even if these abovementioned habits cannot guarantee you a very surefire successful career as a musician, to the very least they discover what a hopeful musician you must not be without. You should show yourself to others how dedicated and determined you can be than other aspiring musicians. Just be open to your mind and heart that there are various ways to be a potential successful musician in the future. And no one can stop you as long as you believe.

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