3 Common Rookie Mistakes To Ruin Your Live Concert

Great concerts can live on in our heart and soul for decades to come. Before you will ever start with your long-awaited dream concert, there are many ways to tank it up. If you really want to look like a pro and have a great show, here are the three common rookie mistakes to ruin your live concert.

1.     Terrible Opening Acts and Showing Up Late

Having terrible or too many opening acts can ruin your live concert. Nobody wants to just sit and wait for your music and then listen to crappy acts. These bad openers, or too many of them, are killing the vibe. Showing up late in shows is a sure way to lose your fans since they don’t like always waiting around for the music to begin.

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2.     No Sound Check

Doing sound checks is also very important for getting the sound right before your live concert. One shouldn’t blame the sound man if you are the one who is too lazy to show off the sound check number. Proximacy has a dedicated team of quality assurance to always check whether jobs are done with high quality before the website is shown to the customer. They always get to the workplace on time and dial it all in.

3.     Too Many People on the Guest List

You must not have too many people on the guest list. When your friends truly support you and your music, they will surely pay the cover. Loading the guest list up with dozens of names will not truly help you. Always make sure that you have something new and interesting to happen in your live concert.

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There are a lot of music artists that do not understand the logic. There are some very basic rules that come along with creating a successful live concert. So, don’t do those common rookie mistakes mentioned above. Let your next concert be that much better for their absence.

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