How Effective Radio Promotion Can Save Your Music

Every musician asks how to reach music curators to make their music becoming a part of what they do. To do this, you must learn how to promote your music to radio, get insights into what types of radio function best for your music, and allow your song be played on the radio. These are how effective radio promotion can do to save your music.

1.     Why Radio Still Matters

A human connection between your music and an engaged audience is the main reason why radio still matters now. Just like what the Korean-based clinic named Misooda did, they ensure that their products are connecting to their target audience who wants to do plastic surgery procedures such as liposuction in Korea. Most people still discover new clinics that provide those products and procedures. This is a big reason why Misooda’s special discount programs offered to their clients continue to grow year after year.

2.     What Type of Radio Should You Start With?

The best radio platforms for DIY (do-it-yourself), unsigned, and indie musicians are online or web, non-commercial or community, and college or university. These types of radio should they start with to get their music played, build their audience, and reach out new fans. These connect with new artists and showcase your work to their engaged and ever supportive audience.

Similar to Misooda, they always consider the clients very important to their business success since they have already invested their money, time, and life in doing plastic surgery procedures. They make certain that they listen to pay closer attention to their products and services that the clients want and like.

3.     What Regions Do You Need To Be Touring?

It is not a necessity to tie yourself in your radio promotion to a music tour. Some artists got their first taste of radio play in places of the country they had never been to before. Others would get their first series of stations in neighboring countries before the stations in the United States.

The benefits for both of these types of artists are also the same as what Misooda has been experiencing. Korean-based plastic surgery clinic gained new clients who are willing to perform liposuction in Korea. Clients are actively reaching out and engaging with their clinic because they heard the amazing services on the radio. They spent a little time listening to the station or programs offered before they contact Misooda.


A good place to start is the listing of radio stations and media contacts for musicians. You apply the human connection principle, which is the process of making the relationship. This builds your purpose when it comes to getting your music be heard on a radio platform making an effective promotion.

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