Most Popular Ways to Use Hashtags & Search to Grow Your Fanbase

We all know that it is not easy to be always staying on top of their social media, and everybody often makes excuses. You must make the time or plan out your posts in advance like as you put the time to your music and band. No need to worry anymore for here are the most popular ways to use hashtags and Instagram’s search options to grow your fanbase.

1.     Look for People to Talk About Your Music

It is a popular way to look out for people who are talking about your music. When you are doing a live show, you must have a hashtag along with it. This is a good way to let the people add your hashtag if they post photos and videos of your live show. You’ll never know that they are hashtagging also your name. Also, you might come across a hundred or more photos or videos that your fans had posted from your past music shows.

2.     Find People to Talk About Niche Topics

You can find people to talk about your niche topics if you use hashtags. You can find similar music artists, genres, and/or any niche things related to your kind of music. If you put the hashtag of a musical instrument you played in your video, it will appear in that feed. And the audience who loves that instrument will likely superb like your music.

3.     Search Your Event’s Hashtag

It is a cooler way that your event you are playing with has its own unique hashtag. The people will see and recap the collections of what happened at your events. You check and search if there are shows, benefit concerts, festivals, special events, and/or conferences you did that have their own hashtags. If you want, you can create a post with hashtag or hashtag photos or videos on your band’s Instagram account. You will never know that people are most probably posting your photos or your videos of your recent and past performances.

4.     Announce Your Instagram Handle From the Stage

It is a simple way to announce your Instagram handle from the stage because you can tell your audience to tag you on Instagram if they’re taking photos and videos from your set. You will gain a few new Instagram followers. Those people will begin to follow you after mentioning your handle.

5.     Photos With Fans After Shows

Another simple way is to inform your fans who want to come up the stage after your show and ask for your photo. You just remind them to include and tag you on Instagram since they’ll surely post that picture. You can also embed your Instagram feed into your website with many photos.


You must treat your Instagram profile as your vital part of your music career. It is never too late to start now. You give it regular attention and post quality and relevant photos. Don’t forget to communicate with your fans the same way as you do on any other social media platforms. Be proactively connecting with your new audiences.

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